London Tantric Masseur

London Tantric Masseur, Gentle-touch Massage 4 Gentle-men London, London most sensual tantric massage.  Mr. Cox 07974 805666

masseur-london-M2M-257x300 (1)I am a tantric masseur in London with depth, honesty, vulnerability, playfulness, and respect. What makes me unique is that I don’t want to heal you, I want to celebrate you. During your Tantric massage you feel erotic energy rise and move throughout your body. You will discover how Gentle Tantric Touch can help bring you to the highest levels of physical pleasure, deep inner calmness, spiritual connection, powerful ejaculation, and earth shattering, long-lasting orgasms. You will you feel erotic energy rise and experience the flow of masculinity, sensual energy all over your divine body. I am certainly no Adonis, but I am an amazing erotic masseur in London. I am a friendly, mature, masculine man based in London. All men are welcome, gay, bi and straight. Call Mr. Cox 07974 805666