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A magickal male massage for men, erotic touch from your head to your toes and every inch in between. I want to touch you and show you the magick of a man’s touch. Erotic sensual massage for men. Celebrate your masculinity, give yourself the opportunity to receive the attentive care of strong, masculine hands guiding you towards a sensual exploration of your body. Relaxocockologist, Seb Cox, offers you an awakening session of touch, with the aims of releasing that orgasm which you always knew you were capable of. Experiencing my sessions will opens a doorway to  inspiration, a unique opportunity to really relax. this is a sensual and erotic male only massage celebration where you are sensually assisted to use your sexual energy to help you achieve whatever you want from your life. It can assist you with something specific or just for general well being. My massage is done with an intention to surprise and delight. A great way to learn about the possibility of sensual erotic pleasure. The best sensual erotic masseur is back in Central London(nearest tube the Angel). Call Seb Cox on 07974 805666 or email

Over a period of more than a quarter of a century I have given more than 5,000 erotic male 2 male massage celebrations rituals to men in London. A tender, warm and loving experience, blended with an amazing masculine energy. I have never done the same male massage twice. My celebrations are not something that I have learned, from a book, or by attending some tantric seminar, but rather something that has evolved from my passion for my work. I am influenced by my interest in Tantric and Taoist Philosophy. I absolutely love men, and I am deeply committed to celebrating The Comradeship of Shared Masculinity through Erotic m4m massage in London. To book your celebration text or call O7974 8O5 666 or email

I have a vibrational tantric touch and use long gentle strokes to take you on a sensual journey, as I sensationalize your mind body and soul. Sensual, sexual soothing, satisfying full body tantric massage celebration experience for men in London. My massage room is sensual and deeply relaxing. I begin the session by giving you a full body man to man rubdown working with you to find your most responsive areas. For most men these include the ears, feet, prostate, nipples, scrotum, armpits, mouth. Your erection is always welcome. After several areas have been developed they are then stimulated simultaneously. I take great care not to let one site become over stimulated. The aim is to induce orgasm from all areas so that they peak at the same time. For example if I am working the cock and nipples at the same time and the client feels orgasm approaching due to stimulation of the lingam we will lessen the intensity on the lingam and concentrate on the nipples, until they are again equal in intensity. Although I mainly work with heterosexual men, gay men are very welcome. I am experienced in guiding men to explore. Each person’s experience with my tantric man for man massage celebration in London is different. Have an emotional release, followed by immense pleasure. A safe environment to feel and express whatever you need to. I am a nurturing and spiritual man. 10 minutes from Holborn, Angel, Kings Cross, Old Street,  Barbican, farrington, New oxford Street, Islington and Chancery Lane. Put my number in your phone, 07974 805666 or email Everything I touch, is a success.

Read my male massage testimonials here

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Read my male massage testimonials here

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Mature, experienced London Masseur – 07974 805666

I am a good man, I haven’t got a bad bone in my body. I have no malice, no bad ideas. I only want to do to say to be to radiate to celebrate all that is ME. Everything i touch is a success, I am the most amazing London Masseur. My massage is an very gentle erotic adventure, a celebration that is designed for your pleasure. During the ritual the mature masseur vibrates sensual energy to awaken the warrior within you. My private London mystical studio apartment is warm, inviting and relaxing. Most men have powerful sex dreams some night after their massage. It is important to pay attention to the details of this dream. Open yourself to a new experience of the most sensual masculine touch, to guide you to an outstanding, an uncontrollable, juddering, screaming orgasm. That is the spiritual value of it! Not just another tantric massage in London but a total celebration. I am mature London Masseur based in Central London. I am a deeply spiritual man. Calm, quite and very shy. I have a great love and a deep passion for my work. I am not gay, butt consider myself to be happy, in the traditional sense. 10 minutes from Holborn, Angel, Kings Cross, Old Street,  Barbican, Farrington, New oxford Street, Islington and Chancery Lane. Put my number in your phone, 07974 805666 or email

Read my male massage testimonials here